Online courses

Online English courses


Our online English courses give you the flexibility to study where you like and when you like. You can take a course

before you go to work or school

after you have left school or finished work

in the evenings, at home or

in your favourite net café!

You can contact your teacher via Skype on schedule, your homework will be corrected online.

On completion of your course you will receive a certificate. Before you apply for a course, please fill in our fee online placement test.


Online LEXINFO courses

The popular LEXINFO IT professional language-exam preparation courses are available on Webulo online, and in blended training form. After doing the placement test, you can access the 10-module training material helping you prepare for the B2 level (intemediate) language examination in English or German.

We offer the course to students who have approximately B2 level general foreign language knowledge, and computer user skills. Depending on your prior language skills and the type of the language exam you wish to prepare for, you can opt for self-study, or self-study with face-to face or videophone lessons.

More about Lexinfo e-learning coursebooks.

Why e-learning?

Five reasons to learn online with Webulo:

1. Learn from your workplace or from the comfort of your home
Save hours of transit that you would otherwise waste every day going to and from school or work.

2. Enjoy flexible schedule
You can easily manage courses if you have a full time job or classes at school, or simply cannot reach local courses.

3. Use different mediums
On-line learning accommodates multiple learning styles and mediums. Students can connect via email, chatrooms, or wiki pages, and you can always contact your instructor by email or video conference.

4. Learn at your own pace
You have the time to really get prepared – you can spend just as much time with interactive tasks as you need.

5. Less expensive
Online courses include all the things you need for your studies: online course books on each level, different interactive exercises: skills development, grammar, tests and also personal tutoring. You can email your homework and contact your instructor via Skype. You can get the list of scheduled courses here with more details. Do the placement test (under your 'bookshelf' menu) before you apply for a course.