Online courses

Special offers for your training needs. Webulo offers accredited language trainings in English language. The language modules are based on the Common European Framework of Reference, so this is the best choice for language exam preparations.

Training features:

special solutions for company needs

standard content and methodology

accredited language courses

high quality and reasonable prices

classes are not in the busy working hours

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Blended courses

Blended courses integrate a combination of classroom and online activities. Most blended courses replace 25% to 75% of classroom time with online activities through Webulo contents. Course participiants work on the interaktive Webulo interface, and also attend face-to-face consultations. These courses allow for more active learning and flexible scheduling, while maintaining the face-to-face contact characteristic of the classroom.

Depending on the course goals and content, the schedule of alternating online and face-to-face components of blended courses can be varied through the courses.

E-learning content development

No matter how qualified and competent your employees are, e-learning will improve their performance. Webulo offers the perfect solution for your e-learning needs. E-learning is an ideal means to stimulate processes and test knowledge.

Learn online, because:

- e-Learning cuts the cost of high quality trainings
- online contents are included in the course fee
- your employees can schedule their own learning
- you can controll your employees' process
- there are no complications with classroom logistics, CD players or flip charts
- early morning or late evening classes would not consume working hours

With e-learning, employees can receive training anytime and anywhere—at work, at home, or travelling cross country.

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